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About TNT

These are the technologies and techniques (TNT) that we (and others) have found useful for remote work. All the posts on the TNT section of this website are either written by us or by our readers. So feel free to send us a review of a remote work technology or technique you’ve found useful.

Please note that some of the links to products and services featured on this website are affiliate links. This means we’ll earn some money if you order the product or service listed in a post. We’ve not been paid to post a review of any particular product or service, nor have we received the product or service in exchange for a review. When we’ve posted a review, it’s because it is a product or service we like and use, or one of our readers likes and uses. Should we ever receive a free product or service for review, we’ll be certain to disclose that in the review itself.

We prefer to use affiliate links instead of taking advertising on this blog. We feel that use of affiliate links allows us to stay objective and help cover the cost of running this website. The use of an affiliate link also won’t increase the cost of the product or service for you, and when we can, we’ll use a link that actually contains a discount. Thanks for understanding and supporting this site.