Here’s five reasons remote work isn’t just good for the individual. It could lead to better outcomes for the future of humanity:


  • Less Collisions, Less Deaths by Auto, Less Road Rage: If everyone worked at home, or at a remote location, it would mean far less cars on the road. Less cars on the road would mean less collisions & less road rage. Approximately 33,000 deaths happened in the US in 2014. What if we worked toward living in a country where that didn’t happen as much, or at all? Using a car less often. On those rare time we do use a car, we make a point to leave much earlier, drive with singular focus on the road, and drive calmly.


  • Better Air: Per a 2013 MIT study, air pollution causes 200,000 premature deaths a year. Citing a WHO statistic, Arnold Schwarznegger noted in fall 2015, 7 million people die from air pollution a year. If less people were commuting by car daily, surely this number would also greatly decrease. Smog is also a problem in many large cities, and in growing cities with massive sprawl. Smog would be greatly reduced over time if the number of car commuters were reduced over time.


  • Higher Employment Potential for Homebound Persons: If companies are open to employees that work from home, this expands their talent pool to around the country, and around the world. This means people who are homebound temporarily, permanently, or have limited mobility, can find work more easily than they ever could before in a car-dependent, commuting world. The marketplace has more participants. A marketplace with more participants means more opportunities to support and nurture those workers with training in continuing education. And then there’s all the services for those remote workers: personal branding, personal marketing, fashion consultation, daycare, caregiving, home cleaning, and home maintenance, so all persons can best market their talents and time to employers. More households are self-sufficient and have more opportunity.


  • Less Stress/Restored Quality of Life (QoL): People who work remotely are in charge of their time. People who are in charge of their time are more likely get the recommended hours of sleep for adults 26-64. They actually “get away” from their workplace and devices, so they can return to work with recharged brains and bodies. They feel 100% ready to attack the new day’s challenges. People charge their devices every night so that they perform at 100% capacity the next day, why wouldn’t they make a commitment to recharging themselves, too? It leads to better outcomes.They got much needed alone time, family time, and a reminder of who that person is outside of a career.


  • A World of Better Global Understanding: If people can work from home, that means they are gradually building skills to be able to work from anywhere. If they can work from anywhere, it frees them to see more of the world. This potentially means more people traveling, which hopefully fosters respect and appreciation of other people in other cultures. If people value other lives and other lands because they’ve experienced more of both, this could mean less war, less conflict, less exploitation, and more conservation.

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