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Ten Don’ts for Online Interviews

Being able to interview from your office at home, a coworking spot, or a neighborhood café is definitely convenient. In some ways, it's less nerve wracking than the in-person interview: no worries about traffic, bad directions, and parking. You're going to a place you are comfortable and familiar with. Yet online interviews present a whole new [...]

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Brother DS-720D Mobile Duplex Color Page Scanner

Brother Mobile Scanner DS-720D – This scanner is always on the road with us, and it's proven to be vital for creating backup copies of financial, legal, and other important documents. We like to have backup copies of every document. This scanner can scan in color, black and white and grayscale. It can scan single-sided [...]

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Noise-Canceling vs. Noise Isolation: What’s the Difference? Why Is It Important to Remote Work?

One of the biggest advantages of remote work is being able to work from anywhere. This may include some of your favorite restaurants, cafes, or bookstores. Unfortunately, a lot of people congregate in these areas, and that means lots of noise and easy distraction for the average remote worker. It also makes making calls [...]

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5 Computer Maintenance Tasks To Perform While Watching TV

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash One way to maximize TV watching time is to perform computer maintenance that's all too easy to put off, if not forget entirely, until a crisis occurs. Here's five things you can do to help your home computer running optimally while you watch the game or a movie: Run [...]

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200W Step Down Voltage Converter, Allows North Americans To Use Their Electronics Abroad

200W Step Down Voltage Converter – One of the advantages of remote work is the ability to travel. What many digital nomads learn is that there are lots of different power outlets and voltage standards around the world. This converter will allow you to plug in your 120V electronics in a 240V outlet, which are common outside of [...]

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WhatsApp, An Encrypted Messaging App That Values Message Security

WhatsApp – In 2009, two former Yahoo employees sought to create a messaging service that was affordable, ad-free, and didn't need to collect much in the way of names and personal demographics (gender, age, address, etc.) to get an account. Using these three unique strategies in the social media market paid off. Five years in, WhatsApp [...]

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We’d Love To Connect With You On Pinterest Too

Hey, everyone! We just thought we'd let you know that we also post all our remote work articles on Pinterest too. In addition, we also share other content we find interesting. You can find us at, or just by searching for Wifi Worker Bees on the Pinterest site. We'd love to connect with you there [...]

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Private Internet Access, A VPN Service Provider To Help Keep You Safe When Using Public Wi-Fi

Photo from Pixabay. All rights reserved. Private Internet Access – Being a remote worker means having the convenience of working from anywhere with a Wi-Fi signal. Using a VPN, though, helps keep remote workers more secure when using public Wi-Fi or other networks. We have a home router with built-in VPN, but we also [...]

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LapDome, Improve Screen Visibility in the Great Outdoors (But With Some Shortcomings)

Lapdome – I like to work outside when I can, even though I have a home office. Once you have the ability to work outside, exotic work locales become a real possibility. I consider the ability to work outside another perk of remote work. As anyone who has tried to do work outdoors knows, glare is your enemy. [...]

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LICEcap, A Small And Free Screen Capture Application

Sometimes it's just easier to show, rather than tell, someone how to perform a task on a computer. For remote teams, tools like LICEcap can be a lifesaver. LICEcap is a program that helps users create animated screen captures. It was created by Cockos Incorporated. The application enables users to select a section of the screen, record [...]

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HTTPS Everywhere, The Web Browser Extension That Helps Keep Your Web Browsing Secure

One of the major advantages of remote work is that you can essentially work from anywhere that there is Wi-Fi or some other form of public access available; however, this leads to some security issues. For example, others may be able to view the work you are doing online because of the open and available [...]

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Work From Home? Consider These Pointers For A Home Office Setup

Image found on All Rights Reserved. If you're planning to work from home, you want to make sure you have the following setup: A computer with a good battery life A desk A comfortable chair with back support The right mental attitude We'll cover all four in this post. Your core workstation [...]

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How Virtual Teams Stay Present From A Distance

Photo from All rights reserved. There's two big presumptions out there about remote work: 1) It's not possible to improve upon the "all hands on deck" or "everyone in one office" work environment. 2) A worker is left alone to do their job and he/she doesn't have to interface with their team or boss, ever. [...]

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Three Reasons Why Owning Your Cable Modem is Better Than Renting It

We own our cable modem and it turned out to be a pretty good decision on our part. And we feel it could be a good decision on your part too for the following reasons. Cost savings Renting the modem is often $10-$15 a month, but buying our modem cost about $80. However, should your modem [...]

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What is Password Padding? And Why It May Not Provide Extra Security

Imagine a password as a physical door key. In the ideal scenario, a strong, hard to crack password is like a door key that has lots of distinctive notches and curves. Those distinctive notches and curves make that key harder to imitate or replicate. In the same vein, every time you make your password a little more [...]

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EBags Packing Cubes, Pack Efficiently and Quickly

EBags Packing Cubes –  Are you looking for something that allows for better organization on the road? Looking for a way to keep your items better organized within your bag to maximize space? Then once you arrive, keeping them that way after you unpack, and not losing items? We've found EBags Packing Cubes are an excellent [...]

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HooToo Tripmate Elite, A Travel Router That’s Also A Device Charger

HooToo Tripmate Elite – This is the travel router that we currently use. It’s a fantastic device that has a built-in battery, so it’s self-powered and can also be used to charge USB devices. The software makes it extremely convenient to share a single Ethernet port in a hotel, or to use as a Wi-Fi bridge that [...]

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Adapters and Chargers are Crucial For Travel

  Judging from the prevalence of chargers for sale at grocery and drug stores today, it's all too easy to forget to pack the items needed for our devices to work while we're away from home. But what if you're staying somewhere extremely rural, or not "just like home?" For example, maybe you're staying in a [...]

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Types of Remote Team Tools and What Roles They Play

What are the kinds of tools remote workers use for communicating? They tend fit into 6 categories: Chatrooms: A chatroom enables constant contact among team members. It enables them to share links, share files, perform search functions within the app, sync between devices, and conduct secure chats. Examples: Slack, Pie, HipChat, Circuit, Yammer, Campfire, Glowbl Videochats: A [...]

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AT&T Unite Mobile No-Contract 4G WiFi Hotspot, Useful For Both Home And On The Road

AT&T Unite Mobile No-Contract 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot – This is a backup internet connection at the house, and can also be a primary way we can connect to the internet while traveling. Although we also have Project Fi from Google, if we were traveling full-time we’d probably own a second device with another carrier just to ensure [...]

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Universal Worldwide Power Plug Converter, The Swiss Army Knife Of Electrical Outlet Plug Configurations

Universal Worldwide Power Plug Converter  – If you consult World Standards, you will notice that different plugs and sockets are the norm in different countries. There's 2-3 prongs, sometimes they are angled, sometimes they are rectangular and flat, sometimes they are cylindrical with round tips. When globetrotting, this converter will allow you to convert from [...]

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What Is UPnP and Why Disengage It?

UPnP stands for Universal Plug n' Play. It’s a feature in our devices (phones, computers, printers, webcams, security cameras, etc.) and our routers that makes them discoverable to each other. From there, connections are made automatically. That doesn’t sound bad, does it? It sounds extremely convenient. The problem with this convenience is, it's easy for an [...]

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Blue Yeti, A Spectacular Desktop Microphone

Blue Yeti – This is the microphone we use in our home office when recording online videos, webinars, podcast episodes, and interviews. The quality is excellent on this microphone. So if you're not into wearing headsets for online meetings, this is a microphone that you should definitely check out! We’ve also added a pop filter to [...]

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Wifi Worker Bees Bookshelf: Remote by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

Remote: Office Not Required is a manifesto about changing the work paradigm in the US and other industrialized nations. It dispels prevailing myths about remote work, and presents actual problems with the 20th century system of a "central office, with all staff in that office." You can check out a Crown Publishing slideshow here. "The [...]

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What are VPNs and Why Use Them?

A VPN is a virtual private network that creates an encrypted tunnel of communications from your computer to a trusted remote server on the internet. It’s worth setting one up if you plan on working outside your home’s network in a café, park, or coworking space; it’s also worthwhile if you travel frequently. Free Wi-Fi is becoming [...]

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Plantronics Voyager Legend, One Of The Best Bluetooth Headsets We’ve Used

Plantronics Voyager Legend – Dereck has tried many bluetooth headsets and generally finds them lacking. He hasn't found one yet that would be his preferred choice for doing important business meetings. However, he said if he had to choose one, this would be the one. In general, he likes the performance and noise-canceling capabilities of this [...]

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Moshi Anti-Glare Screen Protector, For When You Want To Work Outside

Moshi Anti-Glare Screen Protector – Dereck works outside pretty frequently. And as anyone who has tried it knows, one of the major problems working outdoors is glare. This computer screen protector is a godsend, as it greatly reduces the amount of glare on the screen. It is extremely easy to clean. It's also easy to [...]

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iWerkz Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard, Use A Tablet As A Backup Computing Device

iWerkz Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard – This is a great device if you need to use your tablet as a backup computer when traveling. It's a rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard that will go a long way into making that easier. What’s more, this foldable keyboard won’t take up too much space in your pack when traveling. It’s not quite a full [...]

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Why Encrypt Your Devices?

Photo by Youssef Sarhan on Unsplash   We've discussed file encryption in the past. But do you know you can encrypt your devices? Do you know why that's equally important? Devices include laptops, but they also include smartphones, tablets, hard drives, and thumb drives. Smartphones are extremely convenient: often you can manage a lot of work [...]

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Sennheiser PC 350 Special Edition Headset, For When Audio Quality And Comfort Matters

Sennheiser PC 350 Special Edition High Performance Gaming Headset – Even though it was originally designed for gaming systems, this has become Dereck's favorite headset to use for business.  And believe me, he has tried and discounted at least a dozen headsets over the past few years. But he keeps coming back to this [...]

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TP-LINK Wi-Fi Powerline Extender Starter Kit, Easily Extends Wi-Fi Throughout The House

TP-LINK TL-WPA4220KIT ADVANCED AV500 Wi-Fi Powerline Extender Starter Kit – This is a great option to boost a weak Wi-Fi signal in your house or a small office. While visiting relatives, we encountered weak Wi-Fi, adding a couple of these devices around the house helped a lot. Not surprisingly, many people locate their router next to their available [...]

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5 Reasons to Set Up A Home Office (Even If You Don’t Plan to WFH Frequently)

Some people might not see the point in setting up a home office if they aren't planning to work from home on a daily basis. But here's five reasons to give it further review: IT Learning and Knowledgeability: Setting up a home office means getting more tech savvy about your IT equipment and how it all works [...]

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Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, For When Video Quality Matters

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 – When we first recorded our Remote Worker IT Toolbox course, we weren't happy with the video we were getting from our built-in computer cameras. So we invested in some better ones. Dereck chose the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. If you need to record footage in 1080p, this one provides [...]

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Slack, A Wildly Popular Remote Team Communication Tool

Slack – This is a fantastic text chat application for team communications. It's done a lot to mitigate inbox overload, disorganization, and people declaring email bankruptcy. Slack's chats can be organized by topic. Team members can have separate windows/suites for watercooler type conversation versus project and work-related conversation. Files can be shared with a drag and drop. Users [...]

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Plantronics Blackwire C435, A Quality Compact USB Stereo and Mono Headset

Plantronics Blackwire C435 – This is my preferred USB headset. It's compact, has a good noise reduction microphone, and can be used as either a stereo or as a mono headset. I primarily use this headset when traveling and working on a computer, for example, when I know I need to record something, or be on a video [...]

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Weather Radio, So You Always Know What’s On the Horizon

On September 25, 2015, at 1:00 am, our smartphones alerted us to head to a secure location in the next five minutes. Within five miles of our house, a fierce EF-2 tornado was blowing through. [Just an FYI, tornados are rare in our coastal area, but not impossible.] We waited it out in our downstairs [...]

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JetDrive SSDs, Increases The Storage Capacity of Macbook Laptops

We've had our Macbook Air laptops about five years now, and were getting regular warnings our startup disks were getting full. You can only discard so much stuff. We weren't prepared to upgrade the laptops, as they are otherwise working great. So we upgraded our storage space using JetDrives. Transcend 480GB jetDrive 500 SATALLL 6Gb/s [...]

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USB Ethernet Adapter, Because Some Hotels Still Don’t Have Good Wi-Fi

USB Ethernet Adapter – Since many laptop and notebook computers no longer come with built-in Ethernet ports, we use this USB Ethernet adapter for internet connectivity when we're in a hotel or other location where wi-fi isn't a great option, but Ethernet is. We also use it when we just need the speed and reliability that Ethernet provides (like for videoconferencing). In addition [...]

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5 Reasons The Remote Work Option Is A Good Trend For The World

Here's five reasons remote work isn't just good for the individual. It could lead to better outcomes for the future of humanity: Less Collisions, Less Deaths by Auto, Less Road Rage: If everyone worked at home, or at a remote location, it would mean far less cars on the road. Less cars on the road would [...]

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Anker Astro Mini 3200mAh External Battery & USB Charger, Power In A Lipstick-Sized Case

Anker Astro Mini 3200mAh External Battery USB Charger – Should you need to apply a charge to a phone or tablet and there isn’t another means charging available to you, this external battery USB charger is a great tool to have, and it doesn't take up much space. We use this primarily as an emergency backup [...]

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BESTEK 150W Car Power Inverter (DC to AC), Allows You Work On Long Roadtrips

BESTEK 150W Car Power Inverter (DC to AC) – Plug this inverter into a 12V automobile DC outlet and it’ll convert it to 110V AC power. The 150W is enough power to handle a computer and a cellular modem/hotspot. We like this unit because it’s small and easily fits in our travel packs. Although this [...]

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Sugru Moldable Glue, Great For DIY Power Supply Cable Repair

The power supplies to our MacBook Air and MacBook Pros were starting to fray. At first we used electrical tape to cover the break for a little while. The plastic underneath still continued to disintegrate, though, and the electrical tape became a gummy mess on its own. We found as we peeled off the tape, the wire was starting to [...]

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File Encryption: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Encryption is one component of a successful security strategy. Successful encryption is wholly dependent on robust passwords or pass phrases called "keys." Data encryption's purpose is to make your files readable and decipherable only to you and those you choose to share that information with. To everyone else, it's gibberish. Encryption is an important tool because: [...]

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The Original Aunt Wanda, Organizes That Mess Of Cables In Your Home Office

The Original Aunt Wanda – When setting up your home office, all those cables can get out of hand. Aunt Wanda plastic cylinder wraps are great for keeping cables organized and under control. These slightly flexible cylinders are about 2 inches in diameter, and they quickly and neatly tamed the rats nest of cables behind the desks [...]

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Google Drive, The File Sharing Service Included With Your Google Account

Google Drive (including Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Drawings) – A big boon to remote work has been the introduction of office applications in the cloud. Google Drive is one example. It is is an online file storage and synchronization tool; there are also integrated cloud office applications: documentation, spreadsheets, slideshows, forms, and drawings. Basic use of Google Drive [...]

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SpiderOakONE, A Zero-Knowledge Backup And File Sharing Service

SpiderOakONE – This is both an online backup and file sync service. We like it because it’s zero-knowledge, which means the SpideroakONE employees will not be able to access your files. Employees also don't store your password, so if you lose it, you nor anyone else can access your files. Files are encrypted before they traverse the internet to [...]

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Some Pointers on File Sharing

File-sharing is a delicate balance: you want teammates and clients to have access, without going through a lot of hurdles. But you want to protect your clients' work and your information from prying eyes. There are multiple brands of file sharing services on the market: Google Drive, OneDrive, SpiderOakONE, Egnyte, Dropbox, Box, ShareFile, and SugarSync.  We've been happy with Google Drive and SpiderOakONE. [...]

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Wobble Wedges, Bringing Some Stability To Your Working World

How many times do you score the last empty table at the café, only to realize it's unstable? Everything you type is making the table shake. Your coffee is spilling everywhere. You try to make it work, but it's impossible to concentrate. That's where Wobble Wedges come in. These penny-priced pieces of plastic make all the difference. Put them [...]

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Silicon Power Rugged A80 2TB, Great For Doing Backups While Traveling

Silicon Power Rugged A80 2TB – This is a military grade external hard drive that is also waterproof (to an extent). We use it for local Time Machine backups when we travel. To read more about why backups are important, click here. Tip: For increased security, format the hard drive to use an encrypted file [...]

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Azure Authenticator, Microsoft’s Two-Factor Authentication App

Azure Authenticator – This technology useful for multi-factor authentication. It displays a generated passcode that changes every 30 seconds or so. The algorithm used to generate the passcodes are tied to the user’s account, so it’s unique for all users for any given time. Until recently, Microsoft Authenticator was used as a two-factor authenticator (2FA) app for Windows phones. Azure was [...]

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Google Authenticator, The App That Provides Extra Security For Your Online Accounts

Google Authenticator – This application is useful for multi-factor authentication. Working in tandem with your smartphone, it displays a generated passcode that changes every few seconds. The algorithm used to generate the passcodes is tied to the user’s account, so it’s unique for all users for any given time. In addition to a username and password, the generated passcode [...]

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Why Use Multi-Factor Authentication?

How many methods of identification do you have to provide before accessing your information and accounts online? A password? A few security questions? If someone was pretending to be you, what if all they needed was a very simple, very obvious password to get to sites where you've made purchases, shared information, or both? You [...]

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Anker 40W 5-Port USB Charger, Charge All Your Devices At Once

Anker 40W 5-Port High Speed USB Charger – The 40W and 5-Ports make it a breeze to recharge all our gear at night when traveling. By grouping all devices together to charge them, instead of everything charging from random outlets around a hotel room, it prevents accidentally leaving a device behind. The built-in IQ port technology also [...]

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LastPass, Makes Strong Password Management Easy

LastPass – is a password manager and a godsend. It makes generating and managing strong passwords a breeze. On desktops, it’s a browser extension that recognizes the website you are on and fills in your username and password for you. On mobile devices, it’s a standalone application that lets you copy strong passwords to a clipboard and [...]

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Backblaze, Affordable Zero-Knowledge Capable Cloud Backup

Backblaze – This is the service we use for our cloud backups. The two main things we like about Backblaze are that it's reasonably priced, and that it can be configured for zero-knowledge. Zero-knowledge means they will know nothing about the information that we are backing up. You can also add on an option to your account where they will overnight you a [...]

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What is Zero-Knowledge, Why Is It Important?

Zero-knowledge means software companies and service providers don't have access to the contents of your data. It's a feature we look for among service providers when possible. It helps us assure our clients that their data is being kept safe. Typically for a zero-knowledge service, data is encrypted locally on computers before being transmitted and stored [...]

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Hug A Plug, Makes Power Outlets Accessible

Hug A Plug – This adapter lets you turn one wall outlet socket into two, and plug into difficult-to-reach outlets behind furniture and appliances. If you are working on a countertop, you'll notice you get more space to work when appliances can be placed further back against the wall. Since switching to the Hug [...]

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WinZip, The Way To Send Files Securely Over Email

WinZip is a registered trademark of WinZip International LLC. All rights reserved WinZip – This is great for compressing and encrypting files prior to storage on unencrypted external storage devices, or prior to sending the files over insecure network communications (email, sharing sites, unencrypted online drives, etc.) Despite the name being WinZip, there are versions of the software for [...]

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CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD 900W Battery Backup – Perfect For The Home Office

CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD 900W Battery Backup – In the event of a power outage, you would like to keep working, wouldn't you? The CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD 900W battery backup provides some juice when the power goes out at the home. If you can get away with just having a router and modem on a battery backup, you [...]

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Remote Work Field Report: Eastern Kentucky – Why Does The Wi-Fi Stop When The Phone Rings?

Recently we spent two weeks in Eastern Kentucky house and dog sitting for a family while they were on vacation. We thought it might be good to share with you some of the things that went well and those that didn't while we were on the trip. The Tech Stuff INTERNET: Much of Eastern Kentucky is [...]

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ShieldsUP! Firewall Testing

ShieldsUP! – This is a nifty site by Gibson Research Corporation for testing the strength of your firewall. After clicking Proceed, you'll want to check out not just the UPnP exposure test, but the Common Ports and All Service Ports tests. Click the following link to read more about the importance of using a firewall. If you are [...]

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Antivirus: What It Does, and Why To Run It Regularly

Antivirus is software that scans your Windows or Mac machine for viruses, trojans, malware and other malicious content. These malicious programs can steal data, slow down your machine's performance, or render your machine inoperable. Viruses and malware can come from just about anywhere. According to McAfee's State of Malware 2013, they catalog about 100,000 new indications malware daily, this breaks [...]

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Time Machine, Apple’s Backup Feature

Time Machine – This is our primary local backup tool (we also use cloud backups). We perform several backups throughout the day to an encrypted external USB hard drive. Because Time Machine remembers versions of files, you can search out the archives for the specific version you may need. To read more about why backups are important, [...]

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What are Firewalls, Why Are They Used?

Firewalls are designed to prevent undesirable inbound traffic from gaining entry to your devices, and stop undesirable outbound traffic from leaving your network. Firewalls can be hardware or software, and each type plays different roles. A hardware firewall is used for your home network. It should be a device you own, that you plug directly into [...]

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Do You Have a ‘Backups’ Plan When Working Remotely?

Do you have a 'backups' plan when working remotely? It's a loaded question. Backups are crucial for remote work so you always have the hardware, the electricity, and the data to do your job from anywhere. In the event of a crisis, you know exactly where your data is, how to access it, and [...]

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iPhone Upgrade Program: Just the Ticket for Digital Nomads

Apple now offers an iPhone Upgrade Program with AppleCare+, which may be the perfect travel companion for digital nomads. By enrolling in the iPhone Upgrade Program, customers can get a new phone after 12 payments, instead of waiting for a contract to end with traditional carriers. And the iPhone Upgrade Program delivers conveniences in five key ways: You're not tied [...]

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Project Fi, Google’s Cellular Phone and Hotspot Service

We picked up a Nexus 6 as part of Project Fi, Google's new smartphone hotspot plan. It's a been a great source for reliable Wi-Fi when we're traveling, or when we lose connectivity at home. The plan starts at just $20 a month, and $10 more per each 1 Gb of Data. Our account is credited for data we don't use at [...]

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Hotspots, Another Option for Safer, BYO Wi-Fi in a Pinch

If your Wi-Fi or travel router wasn't working, what would you do to access the Internet? What if you were staying at a friend's house, only to discover the Wi-Fi isn't reliable for working? Or, how about planning to work from home, only to learn your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has an outage for most of the day? Your solution [...]

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Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to the new Wifi Worker Bees blog. We have a lot of new projects coming your way, and we're very excited to share them. Who is Wifi Worker Bees? Two seasoned professionals: Dereck is an information technology professional with an extensive background in software development and product management, and Kathleen is a technical and feature [...]

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