About Dereck Curry

Dereck has worked remotely for five years in Software and Product Development and Team Management. He has had a long career in Information Technology, and occasionally does freelance software development work. He believes that work and travel do not have to be mutually exclusive.

We’d Love To Connect With You On Pinterest Too

Hey, everyone! We just thought we'd let you know that we also post all our remote work articles on Pinterest too. In addition, we also share other content we find interesting. You can find us at, or just by searching for Wifi Worker Bees on the Pinterest site. We'd love to connect with you there [...]

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LapDome, Improve Screen Visibility in the Great Outdoors (But With Some Shortcomings)

Lapdome – I like to work outside when I can, even though I have a home office. Once you have the ability to work outside, exotic work locales become a real possibility. I consider the ability to work outside another perk of remote work. As anyone who has tried to do work outdoors knows, glare is your enemy. [...]

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LICEcap, A Small And Free Screen Capture Application

Sometimes it's just easier to show, rather than tell, someone how to perform a task on a computer. For remote teams, tools like LICEcap can be a lifesaver. LICEcap is a program that helps users create animated screen captures. It was created by Cockos Incorporated. The application enables users to select a section of the screen, record [...]

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Remote Work Field Report: Eastern Kentucky – Why Does The Wi-Fi Stop When The Phone Rings?

Recently we spent two weeks in Eastern Kentucky house and dog sitting for a family while they were on vacation. We thought it might be good to share with you some of the things that went well and those that didn't while we were on the trip. The Tech Stuff INTERNET: Much of Eastern Kentucky is [...]

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