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About Wifi Worker Bees

Wifi Worker Bees wants to help people prepare for a life working remotely. It wants to connect them with the tools that allow them to flourish, and never return to the office.

Wifi Worker Bees believes 9 to 5 workers shouldn’t just quit tomorrow and hope for the best. Rather, they gradually master working from home or a dedicated workspace first, master working on the road in their country next, then last, master working from anywhere.

Remote work puts people in charge of their time, so they have more time for the best parts of life: family, love, education, travel, good food, and meaningful experiences. Those experiences refresh their approach to work and their life.

Dereck Curry

Dereck and a cigar

I’m Dereck. I have worked remotely for many years in Software and Product Development and Team Management. Getting to create a better world is what attracted me to Information Technology, and it’s what has kept me in it.

What do I love about remote work? I don’t have to be in an office unless I want to be, and that isn’t too often.

I believe that work and travel do not have to be mutually exclusive. No sooner do I get back from the road, I am ready to head back out again. Technology has made it easier than ever before to work from anywhere. Why not see where that leads?

For more information about my skills and experience, see my About Dereck Curry page.

Kathleen Curry

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I’m Kathleen, and I’ve been a freelance writer for years. I’ve written about arts, local restaurants, food business professionals, and independent musicians.

Telling stories is a great privilege. It’s documenting lives and ways of life in a world that’s changing all the time.  I’m interested in just about everything, which is a great asset for a writer to have. I’ve also worked as a graphic designer and technical writer. Recently, become interested in coding.

I am drawn to the resilience and adaptability involved in remote work. I like connecting to new people who want to work remotely, and who aim to blaze their own trail in life.

Feel free to contact Dereck about your IT project, and Kathleen about your writing and editing work.